A Beauty Must Have : Nars Orgasm Blush ♥

20 July 2013

Hi ladies, behold, my messy holy grail blush on - Orgasm by Nars. Once you have this in your make up pouch. You won't be able to stop using it. I kind of neglected all my other blushes because of this. How can you not love it! :)


It's a soft beautiful flush of pink that looks good on just about everybody. It has tiny shimmering dusts that makes your cheeks look like it has a natural luminous blush. As if your crush just asked you out on a date and your cheeks blushed pink (I had another image in my head to describe this blush but lets just go with this wholesome story). It lasts for almost an entire day on me, until I remove my make up. The color will still fade but only a little in time.

When your Nars Orgasm is new, the packaging is nice and luxurious. It has its iconic Nars logo printed on top of a black case that somehow feels like velvet. After using it for awhile, you will notice that it attracts dust very fast. It becomes messy and hard to clean. And then everybody dislikes the packaging.

However, no one would really pay attention to that detail too much because the blush itself is amazing, and for me it is the best blush on that I've ever had. :)

Nars Orgasm Blush
Price is PHP1450.00 but i heard that they recently had a price increase 
available in Nars Rustan's
I consider this as my holy grail blush on. I highly recommend that you buy it if you don't have it yet. It is the perfect beautiful flush of pink that you can wear everyday. Not only is the color is amazing but the quality of the blush is really good.

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