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28 January 2014

Do you prefer shopping in the mall or shopping online when buying accessories? In most cases products online are a lot cheaper, but buying them requires research and good instinct since you cannot see the actual product beforehand. It's risky. That's why I avoid it as much as I could, but... every now and then I see something I like that could be worth the gamble of online shopping.

A week ago I received a little parcel from an international online shop called RoseWholesale. They wanted me to review some of their products I think you girls would be interested in. And my goodness, they have zillions of inexpensive things to choose from. I have to admit it was overwhelming, but that also means more chances of finding nice bargains. So let me share with you two of the things I liked from the package.

dazzling silver

This rhinestone bracelet is absolutely BEAUTIFUL in person. It looks precious on still, and even more mesmerizing as it moves and sparkles, which kind of reminds me of New Year. Wearing this bracelet will make you want to constantly stare at it and shimmy your hand.

First time I saw a bracelet like it was in Kayture and after that, beauty gurus in the YT world started wearing one in rosegold, by then I decided I also want one - very badly. I'm not sure with other countries, but here in the Philippines it's difficult to find a design like it. I only saw it once, and it was double the price of it in RoseWholesale ($10.77 / PHP490.00).

little pink bag

The cost of this little purse is only $8.50 / PHP390.00, really inexpensive. But with this, you sort of get what you pay for. Unlike their silver bracelet, which felt like I discovered a hidden gem. This bag's design and color are cute but the quality isn't flawless - some of the stitching is a bit uneven, and my bag had little black pen marks on it (can be erased using acetone). I'm the type who pays too much attention to detail though and other than the things I mentioned, the bag is fairly nice and the flaws can be easily overlooked because of its cheap price.

is it a good bargain?

Speaking from these accessories, their prices, and how accurate their product descriptions were, I would say yes, BUT you have to pick your items very carefully when you shop and be willing to wait - shipping can take around 20 days. Browsing more product reviews from other bloggers can help. I recommend you check out their accessories. I found some other nice designs, and most of them have free international shipping. You can also try them out for free by winning a $15 gift certificate from our giveaway below :)

Here's a chance to win any item from RoseWholesale worth up to $15, with free shipping. Just follow the rafflecopter details below to join. This giveaway is international and will run until February 28, 2014. The winner will be announced and contacted after. Links to the items above : black rose bracelet, gold rhinestone bracelet, set of multi colored beads bracelet

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