Christmas Came Early This Year!

23 September 2013

Has the Christmas Bug bitten you yet? I am currently playing Mariah Carey Christmas songs, I've been collecting Christmas decor ideas for my room on Pinterest, and I've also started scouting potential Christmas presents at the mall. Another great sign that Christmas is almost near is receiving early presents!

Well it's not really a Christmas present but I consider it to be one. A couple of days before winning the Chanel lipstick giveaway, I won  my first ever giveaway gift from the lovely Misaraisu. My winning mojo was on fire last month and I am very thankful for each gift I received. This package came all the way from Indonesia and it took awhile before it arrived here. So you can imagine my anticipation level was quite high. I thought I'd share the fun of opening the box with you and hopefully you can enlighten me with the products that I am not familiar with :)

√Čtude House Color Pop Nail Polish in mint, Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nail in Lime, Etude House Milk Talk, Etude House I'm Blooming Wash Off Gel, Etude House BB cream cotton fit & bright fit, Etude House collagen moist full cream
The first round of items is everything from Etude House. I like this brand a lot mainly because of their adorable packaging. But I must say that I am mostly attracted to their nail polishes and I am very excited to use the ones included in my gift box. I'm also looking forward into trying the BB cream samples because almost all beauty gurus that I asked recommended I try it.

Urban Decay Mascara, Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter (travel size), Sleek eye dust in drama black and inferno, NARS primer sample
Half of the items are from brands that I'm not familiar with. The other half, on the other hand, includes some of my favorite brands; Sleek, Nars, Urban Decay, and Benefit Cosmetics. Has anyone tried the sleek eye dusts? I wonder if it's as pigmented as their blushes. The Benefit Watt's Up! highlighter surely caught my attention because I love me some highlighters. Anything that can make my skin glow I gotta have.
Tony Moly Luminous Bright Aura CC Cream, Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balm in watermelon, Wardah 3 tone eyeshadow, Lioele Red Ginseng Mask, It's Skin serum, Paula's Choice cleanser, Innisfree green tea seed cream, Eyelashes (eyeluvme & Kai), Masami powder sponge,

I haven't tried using false eye lashes ever. I am honestly quite afraid but at the same time very excited to wear these. I wonder if there's glue included behind the lashes box. One of these days I'd like to try Victoria's Secret / supermodel looks, and these are essential in achieving those. These are also the products I am not really familiar with. I know most of you are probably thinking I live under a rock for not knowing them. And you are most certainly right haha! I originally thought Tony Moly sold cosmetics exclusively for men!

So that's it for today :) If you've tried any item from this gift box please do share your experience with them. By the way, just a quick tip for those of you living in the Philippines who are picking up a gift from the Post Office/Customs like I did, bring evidence that the package is a gift because they'll require you to pay tax if you don't. Have a great day ahead of you! :)